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Fri 10/11/2017 3:30 PM

Belinda Carriage>

Judy showed me great compassion and guidance when I first started working with her. Even though she was my Manager I felt that her door was always open and no question was wrong to ask if I was unsure. She tackled the big issues head-on and never backed down. Judy stood by her workmates and team and believed in all our abilities to do our jobs to the best of our abilities. The rooms that Judy overlooked whilst under her jurisdiction I believe to have been the best of quality that she could get within the budget allowed and the specific needs of the clients whilst meeting the Guidelines of the XXX.

Belinda Carriage

Thu 30/11/2017 9:13 AM

Julia Anderson <>

Judy is professional while remaining down to earth.  She has time to listen and without fail always acts on her words.  I know I can fully trust she's always there for support and feeling not forgotten.  The way people work these days, it seems they're too busy therefore lose grip in providing good business and customer service.  Judy I know is busy, but somehow has the time for everyone...I believe she has such pride, respect and genuinely cares for people around her.  Judy's drive and support are priceless.  It comes from the heart and is guaranteed for the best outcomes.



Sat 11/11/2017 8:39 PM


Testimoial from naomi

Working with Judy and the team at 'activate HOPE' empowered me to take an idea and turn it into reality.


In talking with 'activate HOPE' about my passion for creating, I realised my dream was restricted by my environment. I didn't have a separate studio in order to make what I love. Using some money I had saved, 'activate HOPE' helped me to engage a project coordinator to assist me plan and refurbish space in my home into a functional and safe workshop. I now paint, draw and kiln form glass to make a variety of works and jewellery. 


activateHOPE has also helped me write grant applications for additional funding and inspired me to explore the option for future study as an art therapist.


Engaging 'activate HOPE's' service has connected me with professionals to enable me to take the first step to live my dream as an artist and see a future of achievable possibilities.


Naomi Somerville

Thu 12/04/2018 9:46 AM

Re: Follow up email after Interview

Dear Judy


I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to do the interview with you and it is inspired me a lot. I am a little disappointed on myself today, I did not presented and acted what I expected for myself. My idea was to discuss your initial thoughts deeper rather than ask you question, probably because being too nervous I didn’t do well. Fortunately, you are very nice woman and be tolerant to me. I will organise our conversation and let you know how is everything going.  Wish you have a good week.  😊😊😊




Selena Wang

Thu 14/09/2018 3:27 PM

Bridget Hinves>

Judy Apps 

Dear Judy,

Thank you for the work you did for me. I have attached a testimonial letter for your records. I would highly recommend your services.

Kind regards 

Bridget Hinves

14 September 2018


Help and Connective support

Judy Apps from ‘activate HOPE’ gave me advice in sorting through legislation and beaurocracy in preparing documentation I needed to submit to NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal for my case with a solar company. I had instructions on what the tribunal required but did not have the know-how to create the correct format for submission in which the tribunal requested and required. Judy gave me constructive advice and clearly gave me steps to follow, Judy supported me to create a spreadsheet that made it possible to comply and deliver the information in a format aligned to what was required by the tribunal.

The Judge commented that the information I presented was as had been requested and was clear and well presented.

I feel with the help of Judy Apps in preparing my documentation that I won my case with the solar company.

Bridget Hinves

From: Elizabeth.Robbins@XXXXX

Sent: Tuesday, 1 January 2019 1:38 PM

Subject: A Letter of Appreciation


Recently I was placed in the daunting situation of selling our home, down-sizing.  As an elderly lady caring for my handicapped husband, I found myself in quite demanding and stressful situations, at times well out of my depth.

Needing help, I contacted an organisation called Activate Hope.  I talked to a lady named Judy. Judy immediately controlled the situation in a most professional, thorough and considerate manner. She placed me in contact with a Real Estate Company, in combination with an excellent Real Estate Agent, and guided me through the complicated legal aspects without any stress at all.  My trust in her was justified with a rewarding, quick and trouble-free sale, with little input from myself.  I highly recommend Judy as I found her to be highly qualified and professional in her work, with friendly and considerate manner, having reliable and dependable contacts, nothing was a problem or beyond her scope.

 Elizabeth Robbins.

December, 2018

Tue 1/01/2019 1:46 PM

To: Elizabeth.Robbins@XXXXX 

Thank you : A Letter of Appreciation

Good Afternoon Elizabeth


Thank you kindly for this letter of appreciation!  It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I am glad that we could get your needs dealt with in a trouble free manner.


I wish you both a great New Year and let’s catch up once your settled, I’ll leave it to you to let me know when is best.


Warm Regards




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