Pricing as per the following categories

- Basic retype of documents already in draft $45.00/hr 

- Basic EA support - making appointments, arranging meetings on your behalf $55.00/hr

- New document to draft and completion $65.00/hr

- Event Management [events & travel] $65.00/hr

- Strategic analysis, focus and support $105.00/hr

Hourly Rate - terms & conditions apply

Tailored to need

Consultancy / Case or Project Management Support $195.00/hr

Quotation provided, terms & conditions apply

When referring to third parties, we champion and market our customers and business partners through linking clients that ‘fit’ and suggesting businesses that 'work'.

Terms & Conditions

- We respectfully request payment at the time of service rendered or project / plans agreed.

- Costs of purchased items are not included.

- Costs for third party services are not included.

- Rates are billed to the 30-minute increment.

- Additional and/or changes to plans required after the initial consultation and agreement may incur additional charges.

- Availability of service will be assessed after receipt of your request.  We typically ask that 48 hours notice is provided for all services - last-minute needs will be considered but may not be achievable.

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