Remember to be kind, for kindness is the blessing

of the soul

Judy Apps

Why THIS for me


In my mid-thirties I became a single mother of three under ten, I had $600.00, no house, no job, and was new to a small country town - I became very disconnected, was disconnected and sometimes felt quite alone. 

I worked long hard hours in my job and at home, always trying to split my time smartly, but found I simply did not have the hours to get everything done or enough time left over each day to savour properly the precious gift of my three amazing boys!

Fast forward to 'some' years later where my life had changed significantly, I found myself working for and alongside very talented individuals achieving some pretty amazing things.  I was now quite connected and surrounded by people every day, however, I was still struggling with my own desire to spend time with the people and things I cherished most.  I had the same problem but this time it had presented itself in my life under a completely different set of circumstances.   What I noticed though, was that the people that touched my life every day also appeared to be struggling themselves, they were stressed and often mentioned the challenge of trying to keep the many balls of expectation in the air their lives had also presented.

Then one-day circumstances changed that saw me step away from my career.  Whilst this experience was taxing, it gave me the rare opportunity to go after what my soul craved - the joy of being part of others lives, to watch others soar and to celebrate and champion those around me.

But how to do it .......

I sat down, thought about what I'm good at, thought about who does not get help in our world, thought about and watched which group is expected to 'keep on keeping on', researched who is not eligible for assisted services - and came to the realisation it was middle Australians (you and me) who are the very people that I want to place my energy and time into supporting.

activateHOPE – my organisation, I deliver assistance and support virtually or in-person for the Everyday Person.  People who are parents, children, siblings, relatives, carers, friends or advocates.   I work to support people who are simply trying to be 'everything for everyone and everything'.   I CATCH TIME so there is More Time For You to Enjoy More Life. 


activate HOPE for me is about Grace and Kindness - for these are the blessings of the soul!

For 35 years I have been engaged across the public, private, community and not-for-profit sectors in senior management, program and project delivery, people leadership, operational and strategic roles.  Working with industry, corporates, bureaucratic organisations and businesses to build and effect important partnerships and resulting outcomes.


I am a graduate of AIM (Australian Institute of Management), ANU (Australian National University), CSU (Charlies Sturt University) and TAFE Illawarra.  I hold an Advanced Diploma in Management (Professional Practices), Strategic People Management / Management certificates a Certificate III in Community Services and a Cert III Individual Support.

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