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Caring for You

Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity 

Kahlil Gibran

Solutions for the Busy Person or those temporarily unable to do tasks themselves

As a Personalised Assistant or Concierge Service our role involves getting to know you, so we can understand your preferences and budget parameters, anticipate your needs and tailor our service to you or someone you care. This means we tackle your 'to do' list directly or, we refer to other third party experts or professionals on your behalf who will.  

Making your life a whole lot easier....

Our Purpose is to create a positive social impact in your life and the lives of those around you.  Working together will see you find opportunities to ‘catch-time’ in your life, which gives you space to feel like you can cope.  Coping better supports an environment of hope - which ultimately creates a better balance between family, work and other life commitments.


This is how we make your life a whole lot easier... We get to feel good about the work we do, and you get a planner, an intermediary, a connector or an advocate.   It's all about your needs, your plans -- all working together.


Virtual Administrative Support.....         

Outsourcing tasks  :: 


Document development :: Essays | Reports | Analysis

Scheduling business meetings 

Booking venues

Individuals or Small business administrative support without the need to hire

Someone you care for...

Non-Medical Assistance for Seniors, disabled or those temporarily unable through :: 

Picking up or dropping off items

Collecting prescriptions 

Helping with basic computer tasks/skills training

Helps directly and brings peace of mind to the  those who you are caring for

Third party services.....

Referring onto the experts in their field ::

Refer to Real Estate Property Managers 

Refer to Financial Advisors

Refer for General Property Maintenance

Refer for Project Management for Home Renovations

Refer to Pastoral Support


Note: activateHOPE does not hire third parties - we refer on only

 Someone to handle your to-do list..... whilst your home or when away


Internet research :: For an event | For a job | Best Prices | Study - 

Travel :: Research | Booking hotels | Booking airline tickets | Booking Cars for airport pickups | Preparing a run sheet/travel checklist 

Giving you back time in your day ::  Saving you valuable time and money   ::  Providing relief from the work-life balance juggle

Some of our stories....

Through listening to Gemma's needs, we provided support for her family that saw her parents move to their eldest son's home whilst their home was refurbished in preparation for sale.

By working with Isaac to refine a plan on how to get a job, we took the pressure off his parents allowing them time for each other, and peace of mind around how their son will source work.

By spending time with Mary we discovered she needed financial advice and support in her role as legal guardian - specifically on how to advocate for and appropriate the finances for her loved one.

And, with John and Sue, we worked to support their home and their commitments during the period they needed to look after Sue's aging parents. 

By organising their garden and yard work to be done as preparation for a function the following weekend, we took the pressure of both John and Sue around the expectations their work life required.  This gave them both back time for their family, time to help Sue's parents, and time for themselves. 

The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on

     Henry Havelock Ellis

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