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I take highly creative business ideas or change and help you make it function.

I do this through drilling down into the functionality of the business mechanics and offering solutions or improved ways of working to get better results.


I have a Vision that I wish to champion an impactful measure of physical, emotional and financial health to those I serve, and I wish to do this through providing a culturally appropriate positive approach to individuals striving to change or move forward.


activateHOPE is a social enterprise service provided primarily in a virtual framework.  We aim to assist client's to compose a setting that is balanced in their personal life, and to work change for clients in their professional environment that is self-directed and sustainable.   

 Through providing this second set of helping hands, I aim to create a sense of the positive impact that champions a measure of physical, emotional and financial health.  

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"Judy Apps from activateHOPE gave me advice in sorting through legislation and bureaucracy in preparing documentation ... she gave me constructive advice and clear steps to follow ...

I feel with the help of Judy Apps, that I won my case with the solar company."

Bridget Hinves

We catch time for you - so you can regain control of your needs giving you more choices.

Our aim and hope is to give back opportunities of time or care for Individuals, Parents, Children, Siblings, Relatives, Older Australians, Australians with a disability, and 


Australians who are disadvantaged


~ Our Mission is to champion a measure of physical, emotional and financial health ~


My 'Call to Action' is to support people as an outcome

I am excited to be at the helm of activate HOPE - developed to provide an avenue of support for everyday Australians who are parents, children, siblings, relatives, carers, friends or advocates.   A service that is for busy people like you and me, who are simply trying to be 'everything for everyone and everything'.  

Building this service for me is about bringing together my passion for the roots of community and the joy of being part of others lives, to see them soar and to celebrate and champion those around me.